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Vi22301 60W PoE Splitter w/ a 30W PoE Port & 12/2 

The Vi22301 is a PoE splitter providing up to 30W of PoE and 12VDC or 24VDC. It is the perfect solution for powering both PoE devices such as IP cameras and devices requiring DC power such as LED and emergency phone systems. Click to learn more.

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Vigitron is a leading manufacturer of innovative video transmission solutions for both IP and Analog security systems. Our wide selections of products are designed to utilize existing Coax and UTP infrastructures and employ Power over Ethernet technology to extend the highest picture quality over the furthest distances, toughest environments, and specialized requirements.





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    Dear Customers and partners,

    By now we are all aware of the effects of COVID-19 on our lives and businesses. Vigitron as a world-wide supplier of critical security products falls under the essential category of manufacturers allowed to maintain operations during this time. We recognize our role in the ability to specify, maintain and install security systems is as critical as ever during these challenging times.

    Vigitron has always valued our employees, their wellbeing and their families as our most important asset. Currently our admin, sales and tech support staff including our Design Center services are fully active and working from home to maintain the same quality services as usual. Our production, shipping are working based on a schedule designed to assure that highest level of safety practiced in line with World Health organization and CDC guidelines.

    We will answer your technical questions, we have the ability to evaluate and provide technical designs and we have sufficient products to ship to you. For general information please visit our website at www.vigitron.com. For questions on any subject please email support@vigitron.com.

    We wish you, your families and members of your staff, be safe, be healthy.


    Ali Eghbal,